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				Kigezi Education Fund update 2018

Kigezi Education Fund: update 2018

The Kigezi Education Fund (KEF) is the flagship program of the International Community of Banyakigezi (ICOB). A key instrument for implementing ICOB’s mission, KEF supports vocational and technical training of young Banyakigyezi, especially graduates of primary and secondary ...

				Remembering Kongo of Budo

Remembering Kongo of Budo

A man who resembles Kongo of Budo.  [With permission]During my time as an inmate of King’s College, Budo, Wednesday afternoons were free. No classes. No set activities. For some, an opportunity to be idle and disorderly. For others, time to do laundry, clean up this and that, ...

				Nagenda80 courage brother Courage

Nagenda@80: courage, brother! Courage!

  John Nagenda (Photo by The Monitor, Kampala.) We toast John Nagenda, who turned 80 on April 25th. Notwithstanding my inability to access a precise head count of Ugandans aged 80 and above, I confidently declare Mr. Nagenda to be among very, very few who have successfully ...

				Uganda then and now

Uganda then and now

Amazing what the brain does to the information that’s uploaded during childhood. It becomes rather hard to erase and replace it. For example, my Uganda remains a country that is still divided into 15 districts. Well, alright, 16 districts. That is the count that I think we had ...

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