Enoch Lugimbirwa saved to serve.

Enoch Lugimbirwa: saved to serve.

It was a great honour to share time with Mr. Enoch Lugimbirwa in Mburara, Nkore in January this year. A very dear brother in Christ, MR. Lugimbirwa is a refined gentleman whose warm smile and laughter reflect his great love for humanity. Mr. Lugimbirwa, who has lived and served ...
Covid-19 and Ugandans’ death wish

Covid-19 and Ugandans’ death wish

Death has a way of focusing us on survival. We make the necessary sacrifices. We take precautions. We promise to change our behaviours. We set partisan and other differences aside. It is a life and death fight. So, we attack the new enemy together.   That was the case in Uganda. ...

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