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Mental Health in Africa New approaches to an old problem

Mental Health in Africa: New approaches to an old problem

By Thaddy0 comments
By Professor Thaddeus P. Ulzen*   The problem of mental health is as old as the ages but I am not entirely certain that I have all the new approaches that will be required. I prefer to use the term mental illnesses rather than mental illness because the brain, as complex as it ...


Greetings to you all. My names are Karuhanga Innocent living in Toronto-Ontario. What an amazing way of sharing thoughts and experiences, I was fired up by the title "fireplace" typical of who we are as proud Africans, sitting around a fire place and telling famous ...


Greetings to all who will and have congregate/d here.   I just wanted to post this my first message, to express my sheer delight in the prospect of being able to be in touch with my people [ in/from Kigezi and East Africa] and to be apprised of issues that matter to us from ...
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 The history books will write that in the region where I was born, democracy was at war and the constitutions that were drawn up had been scripted on low cost paper.   Decades ago I was an avid student of history. I could remember details of inane events at the drop of a ...
Normal Childhood sexuality a heinous sin of self pollution

Normal Childhood sexuality: a heinous sin of self pollution

By Muniini K. Mulera1 comments
Few things shock my people more than being told that children are sexual beings just like their parents. To hear that masturbation is a perfectly normal activity even among infants might drive some to call the morality police.   Conjecture, bias, superstition, fossilized cultural ...
Principles for participation at Muleras Fireplace

Principles for participation at Mulera's Fireplace

By Muniini K. Mulera0 comments
To post anything at Mulera’s Fireplace, you must fully accept and comply with these simple principles: We provide an open, easily accessible and honest forum for East Africans, friends of East Africa and other world citizens with an interest in East Africa. We encourage everyone ...
Preservation of our culture

Preservation of our culture

Written by BB Atwooki   "Preservation of our Cultural Heritage"   Over the past two decades, as I have travelled across Africa, nothing has been more inspiring than the different cultures that I have experienced first hand. This is even more so now that I ...

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