Gorilla tracking is an experience one should have at least once in a lifetime

Gorilla tracking is an experience one should have at least once in a lifetime
Uganda's most pride is tourism. She has been named the fifth top  tourism destination in Africa and she deserves it.
 Among many tourism attractions,  Uganda has got the world's most interesting wild  animals that are  about 90% like humans. These are the Gorillas of Bwindi and Mugahinga.
The gorillas are not only Uganda's greatest tourist attraction, they are also of a special  species found in mountains and hence called Mountain Gorillas . They cannot  be found anywhere in the low lands. They climb as high as 4127m above sea level. 
These gorillas are found in Mugahinga National Park and Bwind Impenetrable Forest National Park. 
Mughahinga is one of the volcanic mountain ranges that are located in Kigyezi in South Western Uganda.  
Bwind Impenetrable National Park is also in Kigezi, spreading over the districts of Rubanda, Kanunga and Kisoro. The entrance gate  to this park in Kisoro District  is called Rushaga Gate. The gate in Rubanda is called Ruhiija, and  the entrance in Kanungu is called Buhoma gate. This is how Gorilla tracking in Bwind is organized. 
One thing you should note is that gorilla tracking is a fun-filled and memorable experience in rolling hills. You trek through bush and can cover distances of varied length.
While it is a physically challenging experience, trekkers hardly feel it because of the amazing, friendly, understanding and patient game Rangers from the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA.)  The Rangers  are always fresh and strong as well as prepared with the manpower to help in case the tourists run into trouble. For example, they are able to carry an exhausted tourist  back to the office. Interestingly, the Gorillas seem to communicate with the their Rangers. 
Gorilla tracking is one of the greatest experiences one should have at least once in one's lifetime.
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