Uganda: beautifully gifted by nature

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Uganda: beautifully gifted by nature
Uganda is the most beautiful tourism destination on this planet.  I have seen it. I know it.
But you don't have to take my word. Come and visit. For example, here is a tour that will give you a taste of Uganda. First we go to Kigezi in the southwest.  Climb to the top of the packed gentle slopping Hills in this region and see how beautiful and fresh Uganda is. After a visit to the lava dammed Lake Bunyonyi,  the second deepest lake In Africa,  go to Kisoro and take a look at at Lakes Mutanda, Kyahafi and Murehe,  then go to Kanaaba gap. Here is  where Winston Churchill stood,  looked around and exclaimed: "This is truly the pearl of Africa."
Still in Kisoro, we have got the world's most interesting gorillas in different families like Busingye, Nshongi, Nkuringo and Kahungye. You will discover ..... all in Bwindi, and Mgahinga National Parks. 

You must visit the very volcanic mountain range that looks like a set for Kifumbira and Kikiga traditional dances. Then take a trip to the hot springs at Sempala,  Nyamasizi and Kitagata.

On a recent visit to Kasese in the foothills of the Mountains of the Moon, I went to Tank Hill where I discovered three very active Lakes. Two of them have high concentrations of salt.  On my right side was Lake Katwe,   beautifully decorated with paddocks called pans in which salt mining is done. There are about 1000 paddocks/ pans around the lake katwe.

On the left side was Lake Munyanyange,  covered with pink, black and white flamingoes. Straight ahead was Lake Edward, with lots and Hippopotami. On the shores of were many elephants and buffaloe in the Queen Elizabeth National Park, along with warthogs, lions, antelope, leopards and numerous species of birds.  I left convinced more than ever before that Uganda was, indeed, the most beautiful tourism destination on this planet.
It is truly the perfect place to bring one's loved one's on holidays. 

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