Uganda's political history of no smooth transition of power

Given the history of East Africa and particularly the original East African bloc  Countries that is Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, there is clearly good reason to presume that since all the three countries share in the same past  of colonisation, but ever since post colonial times, both countries in question received their independence  from their colonial masters in the closest time to each other,  Tanzania  (1961), Uganda  (1962) and Kenya (1963). Two of these countries have carried on with a smooth transition of power, clearly there are term limits till today and they are carefully observed and respected duly,that  is in the case Tanzania and Kenya, why then has Uganda fallen off the thread of this smooth transition of power ever since post independence ? 
Growing in the 2000s,my  father spoke so much good of Obote, and I grew up loving and cherishing that Akokoro man who had mastered politics, this was not with out discrediting Mr. Kaguta Museveni though . Until I have lately been a student of History at Makerere University, and under a distinguished Lecturer of mine Mr. Mwambutsya Ndebesa, I started decolonising the long held notions about Apollo Milton Obote  moreso about his supposedly flawless  government as told by my cleric Father, for I studied that he was typically one with so many corrupt tendencies, and the question at the bottom line here is..Should have Uganda expected  a better (and better i mean much more preffered and pro-people unlike the current)government under Dr.  Apollo Milton Obote if say his rule was uninterrupted by the 1971 Coup d'état?  Thank you. 

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