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Now the hard work begins for the Alliance for National Transformation

Now the hard work begins for the Alliance for National Transformation

 The Alliance for National Transformation was conceived by a group of serious men and women. Like a woman carrying a well-planned pregnancy, the team at the centre of the New Formation maintained a laser-like focus on the health of their foetus. 


The team carefully avoided any actions that might have undermined the embryonic party and steadfastly ignored the taunts of those who had persuaded themselves that what they had been promised was “empewo” (air.) 


When the Electoral Commission took their time to ensure that all the requirements for the birth of a healthy baby had been met, The Alliance promoters were not panicked by those who declared the delay a sign of a stillbirth. Instead, like a confident woman who is certain of her baby’s health, they smiled and used the delay to fine tune the preparations for the birth of The Alliance.


Clearly, the well organised birth of The Alliance on Wednesday May 22ndwas not an accident or lucky fluke. It was an example of what is central to the party – a disciplined application of professionalism to an organization that has set itself the uphill task of transforming the mindset and political culture of our country. 


Whereas the leaders of The Alliance are understandably buoyed by the success of the party’s launch and the warm reception and kind words of numerous Ugandans, they recognise the enormity of the task ahead. 


The Alliance has been born in a politically hostile environment. The ruling party, albeit in a dysfunctional state, is determined to hold on to power by any means necessary. Many National Resistance Movement cadres, including those legally armed with deadly weapons, are highly allergic to anyone who dares to challenge President Yoweri K. Museveni’s hold on power. They will do whatever they can to undermine the Alliance’s efforts to organise at the grassroots and to establish its structures throughout the country. 


The deep and widespread fear that has gripped the population for decades will challenge the Alliance’s ability to persuade people, especially the employed educated elite, to openly reclaim their right of free association and public comment. 


Furthermore, the population’s hunger for the current ruler’s overdue retirement will challenge the Alliance’s strategy for steadfast preparations for a successful and sustainable post-Museveni period. Whereas the Alliance seeks to end Mr. Museveni’s long tenure, it does not see the capture of power as an end in itself but a means to a long marathon of national transformation. This approach will continue to frustrate those who want change now without a simultaneous focus on what happens once Museveni is safely retired to Rwakitura.


The leaders of The Alliance will be well advised to follow what I call the “Six P Program.”  The party’s program and activities and the conduct of its leaders should be founded on a very clear Purpose. The party’s agenda is to lead the country in embracing value-based politics, enactment of people-centred policies and programs, and the entrenchment of strong institutions while expunging the culture of personalised power. 


As such, the party’s approach to organization and its quest for power to transform Uganda must maintain a very long-term view. 


To achieve its purpose, The Alliance must stick to the agreed Planand not be sidetracked by noise and the trickery of those who feel threatened by the party.  To do this, The Alliance must decide its Prioritiesand dispense with activities that do not add value to the achievement of its purpose. 


Having established a clear purpose, a plan of action and priorities, The Alliance must get down to business and put into Practicethe great ideas that have come out of months of serious discussions and consultation with Ugandans. 


No doubt it will not be a smooth ride. The ruling regime will place obstacles in the Alliance’s path. Their favourite weapon of disinformation and manipulation will be unleashed. Some of The Alliance leaders will be targeted with tempting bribes or threatening blackmail. Infiltration of the party in an attempt to cause confusion and chaos will not be long in coming. 


Being human, some Alliance leaders will make costly mistakes. Why, there might even be some serious disagreements and tensions within the party. 


All of which will invite the party leaders and members to exercisePatience and Perseverence, keeping their eyes on the ball of a transformed politics, a transformed mindset, a transformed morality and culture and a transformed economy that supports a transformed social service that values every citizen as a precious child of God.


The Alliance leaders should keep handy cards with the words “Purpose, Plan, Priorities, Practice, Patience and Perseverance” clearly displayed as reminders that the party is not a convenient organization for attainment of short-term goals, but a vehicle for building a just society in which all citizens enjoy full freedoms and equal opportunities. 


The team, led by Mugisha Muntu, has demonstrated an outstanding ability to steer the Alliance to its successful birth. Now begins the hard work of raising the baby through what may be a troublesome infancy, an unpredictable childhood and a challenging adolescence, towards a hoped for maturity and national leadership.


As the old saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. It will take the bold involvement of all Ugandans who care about the future of our country to nurture The Alliance to become a voice and vehicle of the millions of Ugandans who are good, who seek good and who crave peace and justice for all.


It is not enough to be a silent admirer of The Alliance. It will not help to wait on the sidelines to see how Mugisha Muntu and his team do before you give them your support. By getting actively involved, you will influence the course the party takes, and have an impact on the future of your country. 


One understands the exhausted spirit of many Ugandans. It is very tempting to surrender to those who have hijacked our country. However, like the girls of Gayaza High School, we must “Never Give Up.”






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