My Favourite Things include Coltrane's rendition of this classic music

My Favourite Things include Coltranes rendition of this classic music

Whereas my top favourite record is constantly changing, John Coltrane’s rendition of My Favourite Things has permanent residence among my most favoured pieces of music.  You do not have to like Jazz to enjoy this music that was made famous by Julie Andrews in Sound of Music.


Recorded on October 21, 24 & 26, 1960, this album does not need written commentary. If you can get a well pressed 45 RPM version, such as the ORGM reissue, spin it and listen to Coltrane (soprano sax & tenor sax), McCoy Tyner (piano), Steve Davis (bass), and Joe Jones (drums) at the beginning of the Great Quartet that would go on to set to tape some of the finest records of Jazz music. 


Listen to My Favourite Things here

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