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Muhabura smiles

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Muhabura smiles

Muhabura, The Guide 

Woke up this morning

Shed her clothes bare

Bids him welcome home

Festo Karwemera

To the land of his ancestors. 


She looks down South 

And winks at the past

Empimbi za Muganza 

Where his revered ancestors

Called home the other day

A few centuries ago. 


She looks up North and East 

Stares down at little Kigyezi 

Land of beauty and laughter

Where departed sage presided

And toiled to save his people

Longer than most have lived. 


Just as our elders did

Majestic kings and queens 

All now beyond the river

We carry on like them

As though we be immortal 

Lady Muhabura smiles. 




(Photos by Ezra Sebahire, September 2, 2020)


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