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Memories linger

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Memories linger

Photo: L-R: Geoffrey Mukasa Mukwaya, Samwiri Mwesezi Kigongo, George W. Semivule, Maria Shalita, Charles Mukasa, Muniini K. Mulera


Memories Linger 

You're feeling down and out

Because of life’s exertions

Receive this timeless music

From me to you my friend.


Takes me to a place so special

Of beauty and peace untroubled

With memories of dear ones lost

In their dreamless sleep eternal.


Restores my strength anew

My breath just comes with ease 

Lights up my soul so bright

And banishes all the darkness. 


Rwaboona and Mbareeba

Kwizera and Kanyandeku

Boys with whom we dared 

To join a place beyond us.


Maria, and Gida 

Willis, and Lena

Bbuye, and Bhima 

The memories linger.


Sekkadde, and Arthur 

Kigongo, and Katende 

Sekanwagi, Bakibinga 

Blessed lot we are.


Njuki, and Kwame

Mukanga, and Lumu

Semivule, and Mukasa

Bright, among the best.


Semazzi, and Kawesa

Kalema, and Bikangaga

Sevume, and Sarah 

Sound of the Nightingales.


Akera and Mukwaya

Otunnu and Mangheni

Mwesigye and Kibirige

Bright beyond description.

Jealea, blessed friend
Nalwanga, gentle soul
Bukwirwa, a saint for sure
My brotherly love to you.


To list you all we can’t

Remember you we do

The bonds are strong and true

Of dreams and ventures shared.


Together, we remember

Our teachers and our mentors

Blessed to have amidst us

The best among them still.


That walk beyond the spur

Sweet breeze from Lake Nnalubaale

Senses caressed and nourished

The mind relieved of clutter.

Dennis Chisholm the star
His music and rig amazing
Mustard seed of an audiophile
Fruits bearing still.


Guy Rob with regal bearing

Kindness his natural state

We’re safe because he cared

We lived and learnt with ease.


Great times we had at Budo

In class and play and all

My hero among our heroes

Was Congo whose nuts excelled.


© Muniini K. Mulera



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