ICOB Board appoints Kigyezi Day Subcommittee

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Fellow Banyakigezi and Friends of Kigezi:


At the London 2016 Convention of the International Community of Banyakigyezi (ICOB), the members resolved to:

  1. Promote unity and broad based approach entailing a grassroots, ICOB Chapter-based strategy that engages all Banyakigyezi. Activities such as Kigyezi Awards, Kigyezi Day and Kigyezi Walk would go a long way towards cementing the unity of Banyakigyez..


  2.  Encourage ICOB chapter-based conventions that would increase the level of participation of Banyakigyezi who cannot afford to travel to distant locations for the ICOB Annual Conventions.  

In accordance with Article IX of the Bylaws of ICOB, the Board has appointed the following to be members of an ICOB Kigyezi Day Subcommittee with a time-limited mandate to:

  1. Develop a strategic and executable plan for realizing the above resolutions;
  2. Present the proposed plan to the Executive Committee of ICOB by June 15, 2017.


The Members are:


Mr. Dennis Aguma

London, England, United Kingdom


Ms. Beatrice Hamujuni-Smith

London, England, United Kingdom


Ms. Scollah Kamusiime

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Ms. Scovia Kyarisiima

Kabaare, Kigyezi, Uganda


Mr. Barnabas Nkore

Boston, Massachusetts, USA


Furthermore, the Board has appointed Mr. Dennis Aguma to be the chairperson of this subcommittee.

Article IX of the Bylaws limits a sub-committee’s term of office to the next annual general meeting following its appointment. Therefore the members of this Kigezi Day Subcommittee will serve until August 5, 2017.


Please share ideas with Dennis and his team and continue to mobilize BanyaKigyezi to become active owners of our organization. Unity of BanyaKigyezi is our goal. 


Kind regards,


Yours sincerely,



Muniini K. Mulera

President of ICOB

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