Did Louis Armstrong, who died 50 years ago today, visit Uganda?

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Did Louis Armstrong, who died 50 years ago today, visit Uganda?

Born in New Orleans on July 4, 1901, Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong died in Queens, New York in his sleep on July 6, 1971. He was a giant among the giants of Jazz music. His cornet, trumpet and voice influenced the shape and course of Jazz in a way that very few did.  


Armstrong’s journey is very well documented in his biographies and other documents. His records continue to be available in various sound storage media. All one needs to do is listen to his records from the 1920s to the late 1960s to appreciate his genius and contribution to the canon. 


One question that I have not been able to answer is: Did Louis Armstrong visit and perform in Kampala, Uganda? Whereas I have heard reports to that effect, I have not been able to see any documentation of that visit. Did he? If so, when? Where did he hold his concert(s)? Any recording(s)? 


One frequent claim I have heard was that he was in Kampala in the early-to-mid 60s. He is said to have performed at Nakivubo Stadium. However, I am unable to find any reference to this. Hopefully those who grew up in Kampala might know. I will appreciate leads.


Meanwhile, visit https://www.louisarmstronghouse.org and learn everything you need to know about this exceptionally talented gentleman. 


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