Clans and totems of Banyankore (Enganda n'Emiziro y'Abanyankore)

Clans and totems of Banyankore (Enganda nEmiziro yAbanyankore)

The Banyankore are grouped into at least 131 clans (enganda). However, these clans are grouped according to 4 (four) common roots (ebibunu or ebisintsi bina). These roots are:

  1. Abahinda (16 clans)

  2. Abagahe (43 clans)

  3. Abashambo (56 clans)

  4. Abaishikatwa (16 clans)

Whereas the Bakiga and Banyankore have clans with similar names, they are not always the same clans in both nations. Indeed, the Bakiga Clans are the equivalent of Banyankore Roots (ebibunu or ebisintsi.) Bakiga subclans (emiryango) are equivalent to the Banyankore clans.

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Among the Abaishikatwa Clan are the Abanyaberya who migrated from Nyabihoko in 1500s. Omwishikatwa called Kanyamberya Ibona and his sister Kanyabukyirwa migrated to Kitagwenda and his descendants were referred as Abanyamberya, hence the Abanyamberya clan was formed from the Abaishikatwa. The Omuziro is the Ente Igobe and Enjojo. The endahiro is Nyabaganza
CPA Mutusya Stuart Wakiniagi

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