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Banyankore Clans (Enganda z'Abanyankore)

Banyankore  Clans (Enganda zAbanyankore)

Whereas Banyakigyezi and Banyankore communities are no longer organized according to clans, knowledge of one's clan, totem and taboos is important for (a) one's identity and (b) avoidance of consanguineous marriage.


The taboo against intra-clan marriage is informed by a need to prevent negative genetic consequences for your offspring. Consanguinity (where a couple are biologically related) increases the risk of offspring inheriting bad and sometimes disorder-inducing genes.  When in doubt, ask before falling in love or engaging in sexual relations with someone from your ethnic community.

Please note that many  Bahororo and Bahima of Kigyezi share clans and lineages with their Banyankore cousins.


Click here for Enganda Z'Abanyankore - Clans of the Banyankore

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