Uganda Minister of State for Tourism visits Mugahinga National Park

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The  second week of February was a blessing for kigezi region hosting state minister for tourism Hon Godfrey Kiwanda who spent 3 days enjoying the wonderful Nature that God blessed Uganda with. He visited the Gorillas in Mgahinga national park where he really could feel the warmth of being with Batwa community through batwa trail..
The batwa people were some of the first groups to come to Kigezi region in Uganda and the batwa particularly used to live in the forest feed on fruits and hunting for meat. They lived in Caves as their houses for trees however These batwa people have been relocated from the forest to the communities of the Bafumbira and Bakiga.    
It has been so difficult to get the batwa community used to other people communities since the life there is far different from the forest life where they were used to be.. The batwa children are now getting education through charitable organizations, government and donors and the fact is in the near future it will be impossible to tell the difference between the Batwa people and the other communities..
**With the help of Uganda wildlife authority team in army green and the board of trustees in yellow shirts.

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