Uganda cultural tourism promotion to launch in April 2017

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Uganda cultural tourism promotion to launch in April 2017
We are preparing a fantastic exercise with an aim of promoting tourism to another step ahead. This exercise is called  CULTURE ENTERTAINMENT SHOWS. 
These stage  whows will be strictly about different cultures in Uganda. Our tourists have been coming to Uganda just for wild life adventure  because we don't have what to keep them around a little bit longer, before and after their wild life tour. 

So here we come with an new style to have them enjoy more in Uganda . CULTURE ENTERTAINMENT SHOWS, including hunting, dress codes,  black smithing, story telling, okwevuga, ebitaramo, foods and drinks like enturire, amarwa, mukomboti, and much more. We are looking at doing these in the form of folktales and folksongs on stage. 

Cultural tourism is a diverse topic.  Some of its components are:  

1. Marriage rituals: different tribes in Uganda have or had different ways of conducting marriage ceremonies. For instance in Kigezi region, parents used to be in charge of selecting the right partners for their children. Any girl that was found pregnant before marriage would be punished heavily through excommunication or be taken in the middle of Lake bunyonyi on an Island called banishment Island to be left to die there. Other girls would be taken to Kisiizi high cliff and get pushed down by the brother to die. That is how serious traditional marriage used to be. 

2: Life style : different regions in Uganda have or had different ways of living. In Kigezi region, natives were hunters, farmers, blacksmiths and so on. Other regions have their different ways which we shall be learning about through entertainment.

3: Traditional dance: this is one of the most amazing entertainment performances that almost everyone enjoyes, feels and loves on every event. I am sure this being our main entertainment focal point we can do it for our tourists to love Uganda more.. Our opening performance in Kampala in April 2017 will feature dance from Kigezi region.  

Other cultural discoveries, such as story telling, will be made through the cultural tourism entertainment that we shall be having  at the end of every month in Kampala. We hope Ugandans will  give us their support by attending these shows in large numbers. 

Our Vision: To grow culture into one of the highest valued tourist attractions in Uganda. 

Objectives : 

A,  To promote culture through tourism sector. 

B, To empower and promote the youth and other talented Ugandans through live shows. 

C,  To promote tourism through cultural entertainment shows. 

D, To have our younger Ugandan generations learn their culture, especially our people who live in towns and have no time to go back home to know about their roots.

IF YOU HAVE A TALENT,,, IT'S TIME, call 0775407637 to get on a list.

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