Rwanda at the forefront of Youth inclusion in governance processes

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Uganda should pick lessons!



Young people are 100% the solution and hope for the future of any nation and so not investing in them is completely suicidal.


Each year, Never Again Rwanda (NAR) hosts a 2-week Peace-Building Institute (PBI) that brings together young people from Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, DRC, Burundi, Sudan, among other countries. Participants discuss

the question "WHAT CAN RWANDA TEACH THE WORLD?" Through readings of a shared set of texts, site visits, lectures and group discussions, participants explore themes of genocide, transitional justice, good governance and development and learn skills as global citizens in cross-cultural dialogue, critical thinking, analysis of complex issues and problem solving.


The visit of the National Unity and reconciliation Commission got me thinking what exactly it is that Rwanda has that accounts for its uniqueness. And indeed Rwanda has a lot to teach the world especially Africa. What remains a challenge is that whereas Rwanda has one language and culture, which have facilitated the post genocide healing and empowerment initiatives, majority of our countries including Uganda have got a host (call it confusion if you want) of many tribes and a mixture of cultures.


Again, a talk with Joseph Ryarasa, Country Director at Never Again Rwanda, always reminds me that Rwanda has a very strong memory of the 1994 Genocide and it is the point of resolution to have a better Rwanda. Sharing with Fellow participants is indeed a true reflection that my observations are not unique. Gladys Wambui from Kenya shares the same and we are left wondering why our other African Countries cannot actually learn from Rwanda.


I will come back to share more


Alexander Kyokwijuka

Executive Director

Youth Aid Africa.
Level 2 (XP: 110)
Thank you so much Uncle Muniini K Mulera. It is rather humbling and honorable to associate with your network. I look forward to learning and contributing to learning at the Fireplace. It is within our responsibility to contribute to transformation of society in whatever way we can. Mine is a rather humble contribution that I hope will touch and transform a soul or two. I will be writing on a wide range of interesting current aspects in the Ugandan context. My interest is Youth empowerment and their participation in governance processes.

This is an area so dear to me and I intend to interest the Ugandan public and everyone elsewhere to pick interest in this. Whereas young people are 78% of Uganda's population, they are 100% of the future of our country and world. Any effort to empower the young generation therefore is nonnegotiable and an obligation of every peace loving and development oriented citizen.

God bless you all as we embark on this impeccable and noble journey together as a people.

CC: Francis Runumi, Francis Karota, Alice Ruhindi, Atwiine B Allan, Ayebare Karanzi Clare, Buregyeya Junior Gilbert, Solomon Onyango, Leonard Okello, Mwalimu Tahakabar, Oluma Kennedy, Kyokwijuka Alexander, Kyokwijuka Desmond Misri, Kyokwijuka Calvin, Baryagasha Silas, Julius Mucunguzi, Mathias Kamp, Joseph Ryarasa, Pontian Kabeera, Karemera Debby,

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