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Principles for participation at Mulera's Fireplace

By Muniini K. Mulera
Edited by Admin
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Principles for participation at Muleras Fireplace

To post anything at Mulera’s Fireplace, you must fully accept and comply with these simple principles:

We provide an open, easily accessible and honest forum for East Africans, friends of East Africa and other world citizens with an interest in East Africa. We encourage everyone to openly and respectfully communicate on this platform.


We believe that no questions are stupid and every person has something to contribute to our community, no matter the level of their education or socio-economic status.


We value challenges to received wisdom and encourage you to be an active participant in the conversations at this Fireplace. The more you post, the more you read. The more you read, the more you and all of us learn.

We do not engage in censorship except in cases where the submitted material is of a pornographic nature, is abusive to other people, has the potential to incite violence or is solely intended to advertise goods or services.
We promote vigorous debate of ideas, and strongly discourage personal attacks. We insist on facts and discourage innuendo.
We strongly encourage you to write in traditional English, using full words and sentences, mindful of correct spelling and grammar. Posters may write in any language on condition that you translate the full text into English.
We do not tolerate plagiarism. Do not use other people’s words without attribution. All posts must be the author’s original thoughts and/or work. Brief, fully attributed quotes from other people’s work are allowed.
We reject wholesale copying and pasting of material that has been published in newspapers, magazines or other forums. Links to publications elsewhere may only be posted if they add value to your post.
Individuals are fully responsible for any statements, opinions and other comments that are posted here under their names. Authors retain full copyright.
Welcome aboard!

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