Lake Bunyonyi and that great feeling

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Lake Bunyonyi and that great feeling
When you are around Lake bunyonyi from morning from sunrise to sunset, you feel that surely God loved Uganda and loved kigezi region twice more. The sun rises from Lake Bunyonyi side in kabale district and sets in Kisoro above the volcanoes, particularly Mt Muhabura. Muhabura means "the guide." 

 As the sun sets, Lake Bunyonyi turns yellowish due to the reflection of the sun's rays. At this time the Volcano cannot be viewed clearly because the sun is strong over it. In most cases the Volcano is a little bit covered in the cloud so it becomes difficult to view her through the combination of the sun's reflections and the clouds. 

However, after the sun has set, Lake bunyonyi turns dark and Mt Muhabura opens out and at this time you feel totally in love with what you are viewing with your naked eyes. All the islands in Lake Bunyonyi become very clear and nicely spaced with in the lake, looking dark green with extended shadows from one another, drawing beautiful bridge like lines. It's really amazing. From this position I am standing, the banishment Island looks the smallest.... 

At this smallest Island there is just one tree where traditionally girls who were discovered pregnant before marriage would be taken and tied to be left to die because according to culture she was considered a disgrace and loss to the family and the clan since they considered virginity very important to the unmarried girls.  That is why the island is called BANISHMENT ISLAND.  Girls used to be looked at as sources of wealth through dowry and only virgins would be able to fetch that wealth with respect. 

However, no deaths were reported or discovered because it is said that in the lakeside communities, there were some young men who were ready for marriage but didn't have the dowry requirements to grant them a legal marriage. Traditionally marriage was kind of an exchange of girls for dowry. So the men who had no dowry requirements would come to this banishment Island and take a way these condemned girls...  Note that these used to be done very many years ago. It is no longer the case. 

 Back to the good feeling of being in Kigezi region...  Mt. Muhabura is 4128m above sea level and that makes her stand out as the tallest feature in Kigezi. I have reached the peak of Muhabura. So you can make it too.. 

Lake Bunyonyi is the second deepest Lake in Africa. I just can't describe how nice it looks like... It can be better described by your own eyes... 

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